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International Programme Sustainable Management

The International Programme Sustainable Management connects leading-edge expertise on sustainable business transformation with hands-on management tools and sustainability key competencies to solve your business sustainability challenges and to make your business models futureproof.

Why should you participate in this training?

In the current economic climate, which is mainly value-driven with a strong focus on competition, economic growth and cost cutting, making the transition to a more sustainable business model, taking into account people, planet and profit, is a challenge.

Guiding your company in a sustainable transition process and formulating a vision on new modes of value creation requires a substantial mind shift and the development of sustainability competencies. These sustainability competencies involve systems thinking, anticipatory and strategic thinking, highly developed interpersonal competencies and understanding of the values of your company.

The International Programme Sustainable Management offers a pathway that allows you to take your company to the next level in sustainability and to develop a strategic plan to initiate the transformation. A sustainable company transition does not only imply academic expertise. It also implies learning by doing and getting acquainted with concrete tools to map your company’s system, to foresee possible future scenarios, to develop strategies related to sustainable finance, marketing and HRM and to engage all stakeholders in the process. This pathway will provide you the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset to address your own sustainability challenges and develop a sustainable strategy for your organization.

During this six-days training you will receive the support from an international, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary entrepreneurial network, consisting of business managers and academic experts willing to share their expertise and good practices. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to meet  sustainability experts to continue the sustainable transition after the program has finished.

This programme is a collaboration between the EHSAL Management School (EMS), the Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE), University of Applied Sciences Odisee and CIFAL Flanders.


Target group

This programme is developed for managers eager to guide their company in a sustainable transition.

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